The Lin Lab Department of Neurobiology

Michael Lin, MD, PhD

Michael Z. Lin, MD, PhD
Principal Investigator

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Research: The Lin Lab applies biochemical knowledge and engineering principles to the development of protein-based tools for molecular imaging, optogenetic studies, and gene therapy. Topics of investigation include fluorescent protein structure and biophysics, fluorescent protein-based biosensors, spatiotemporal analysis of protein translation pathways, chemical control of protein translation, and light-responsive proteins.

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News: Michael Lin was selected as one of 12 recipients of this year's NIH Pioneer Award, a $2.5 million award for high-risk high-impact research (October 2013).

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A postdoctoral position is available to develop voltage indicators, create optically regulated proteins, or study protein synthesis during synaptic plasticity. Interested applicants may contact Dr. Lin.


Graduate students interested in the topics of protein engineering, spatiotemporal control of signaling networks, and optogenetic control elements are welcome to inquire.

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